How long has your business been established?

We have been operating in Perth since 1992.

Do you supply clubs outside Western Australia?

Certainly.  We supply garments to clubs, schools and corporations throughout Australia and also outside Australia as well.

Do you have a catalogue?

No.  Because all of our garments are made to order and custom designed, it is not practicable to produce a catalogue.

Where can I find your prices?

The base price for every garment is shown on its individual product page

Are there any other charges apart from the actual cost of a sublimated garment?

A once only “Artwork/Design/Setup” charge of $70.00 applies to the initial order of all sublimated garments for quantities in the base price range or below.

It is waived for orders above the base price range and is not charged for repeat orders.

If in the case of future orders there are changes of sponsors, we may make a charge for each change depending on the quantity and complexity of the changes.

Do you give discounts?

All of our garments have a “base” price for quantities purchased within a certain range – e.g. between 10 and 19.

Purchase quantities below 10 will attract a surcharge on the base price, while purchase quantities above 19 will receive percentage discounts which increase as the purchase quantity increases.

The table of surcharges and discounts for each product is shown on its individual product page.

What are your payment terms?

We require a 50% deposit before commencement of production, with the balance payable upon delivery.

Work does not commence until the deposit is paid, and we do not release goods until final payment has been received.

How long will my order take?

Production time for custom made garments ranges from five to six weeks on average.

Brand name garments can usually be supplied within in a few days, although screen printing and embroidery may prolong this to a week or two in some cases.

If you have a shorter deadline than this we will always endeavour to meet it, although we never promise a delivery date that we cannot meet.

Note – production does not commence until the required deposit is paid into our bank account.

I have no idea about a design. Can you do one for me?

Of course.  That is our specialty.  We can design your colour scheme, a theme for the design and even your logo if you don’t have one.

All we need is your club name, together with sponsor’s details and team member names if applicable.

If you have seen a particular type of design you like, we can approximate it or produce something similar.

However, we cannot reproduce designs which clearly belong to some other club, organization or manufacturer.

Nor can we reproduce proprietary brand designs such as AFL logos or replica Nike garments etc without permission from the owners.

Can you provide colour visuals of my design before I order?

We are happy to provide colour visuals of your design free of charge to assist you in making your final commitment on the understanding that there is a genuine intention to proceed.

However in the event that the design process becomes protracted, we reserve the right to charge for the service.

Do you supply sample garments?

Sample garments are available for sizing and to allow the client to assess the style and quality of our work before ordering, on the proviso that they are returned to us afterwards.

Any garments not returned will be charged for.

What sort of warranty do you give on your manufactured garments?

The best sort.  If there has been a design error or a garment fault which we have not picked up before delivery, the garment will be replaced free of charge, including cost of postage both ways for interstate orders.

Because you have the chance (and indeed are invited to) be closely involved in the design and production process, we have found over the years that errors and disputes are rare, and it is not in our long term interest (within reason) to quibble over borderline cases.

However, such things as incorrect sizing choices being made despite the provision of sample garments, will be charged for if replacements are required

Do you supply screen printed and embroidered garments as well as sublimated ones?

Yes.  We can supply “off the shelf” brand name garments or manufacture panelled garments to your design.

We can also arrange screen printing and embroidery where required.

Does my artwork belong to me, and can I take it to another manufacturer if I want to?

Any “Artwork/Design/Set Up” charge imposed by us is an administrative charge to cover the cost of production, and does not confer ownership on the purchaser of any artwork or other production materials used in the job – i.e. effectively there is nothing for the purchaser to “own”.

However, once having paid the fee and purchased garments containing the design, the purchaser can request another manufacturer to take over future orders, but that manufacturer would be obliged to redesign the garments from the beginning to match the original design.

Do you provide sponsorship?

As a general rule we don’t.

We believe our prices are competitive enough to give an advantage to a customer, and we would rather not set a precedent by seeming to favour one customer over another