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But Only This Long To Go Until The Sale Ends. Don't Miss Out!


Unfortunately, we don't have anything on sale at present.

However, don't despair - there is another sale coming shortly.

So bookmark this page and check back on a regular basis.

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How To Order

  • Click on each product for more details. Note: you can get further discounts on the sale price depending on the quantity you order.
  • See and download available sizes, colours and other information by clicking on the “Get Your Snapshot” button
  • Ask for a formal quote using the “Ask For A Quote” button.  You can upload logos or other files if screen printing or embroidery is required

Sale Conditions

  • Minimum order quantity for any product is 10 items
  • If screen printing or embroidery is not required, we will issue an invoice for the full amount.
  • If screen printing or embroidery is needed, we will issue a quote, which requires a 50% deposit
  • For the sale price to take effect, we must receive payment of the invoice or quote deposit before the sale ends.

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