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Cycling - Bib Knicks

Cycling – Bib Knicks


Our bib knicks come with a choice of full lycra or lycra bottom/mesh top and contain an Extreme Berry Italian chamois

Cycling - Knicks

Cycling – Knicks


Our knicks our made from top of the range lycra and feature an Extreme Berry Italian chamois

Cycling - Short Sleeve Jersey

Cycling – Short Sleeve Jersey


Our sublimatically printed jerseys are made from aerolite polyester mesh and have the following features:
• Choice of half or full length zips
• All club and sponsors’ logos included in the design at no extra cost
• Three back pockets

Cycling - Skin Suit

Cycling – Skin Suit


Whether for use in criteriums or time trials, our skin suits are designed for aerodynamic efficiency, and are literally a “second skin”. Featuring top quality lycra and an Extreme Berry Italian chamois, they can be made to your requirements, in short or long sleeve versions.