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Celebrating First Nations Culture

In recent years the reconciliation process has seen a growing demand for traditional indigenous designs and motifs in school and sports uniforms.

Sublimation printing is tailor made for transferring these intricate and colourful designs to clothing, and we have been able to apply our expertise in this field to good effect.

Got Some Ideas For A Design?

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You can attach design files and logos if you have them, and we will use them to provide colour visuals for your consideration.

If you can let us have an idea of likely order quantities we can give you a no obligation quote at the same time.

Please note: We cannot (nor would we presume to) produce original indigenous designs for you.  This is the sole province of aboriginal artists.  Our role is merely to transfer your designs to garments.

Need More Information Before You Decide?

If you have any questions, call Christine at any time on  0418 804 884.

Some Of Our Recent Indigenous Design Projects