To celebrate the launch of our new website we are giving away

20% Discount Vouchers

which are valid until March 31st 2022.

How To Use Your Voucher

You can use the voucher to get a 20% discount on any product you purchase from Spectrum Sportswear between now and March 31st 2022.

No tricks. No gimmicks.  No obligation to make a permanent change from your usual supplier (although we hope you will 😊)

Just fill out a simple form, and we will send you your voucher immediately.

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You Can Make Further Savings As Well

All our products have standard discounts for larger orders, and if your order is big enough for these to apply, your 20% discount voucher will be taken off the final total.

For example the pre GST base price of a sublimated polo shirt is currently $39.50.  Order between 50 and 99 and it reduces to $37.53. Order between 100 and 199 and it further reduces to $35.55.

So if you were to order 150 polo shirts with your voucher, the final unit price would be $28.44 (i.e. a 20% discount on $35.55)

The discount tables are shown on each product page, so just pick your product and do the calculations.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the result!

Discount Conditions

The following conditions apply:

  • The voucher can only be used by the club, school, organization or individual that orders it and must be produced at the time of order to get the discount.
  • The discount is a “one time only” offer and applies to the first product you purchase. Repeat orders for that product or purchases of any other product will be at the full price.
  • The minimum order quantity for any product is 10 items.  This applies to both initial and repeat orders.
  • The discount does not apply to any product that may already be on sale.
  • For the discount to take effect, we must receive payment of any deposit required or invoice issued by March 31st 2022 at the latest.
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Still Not Sure?

We understand that you may need a little more information

Indigenous School Uniform Design

We specialize in producing school uniforms for staff and students which feature intricate and colourful indigenous designs.

See Some Samples Of Our Work

Our Gallery contains a comprehensive selection of team wear and street wear that we have produced for clubs and schools.

Find Out More About Spectrum Sportswear

Spectrum Sportswear is a family owned business which has been producing custom designed team uniforms and street wear since 1992.

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